Apr 18, 2022 • 43M

How To Keep Your Sanity in a Sea of Information Using Intellectual Self-Defense with "The Trivium"

with Dr. Travis Corcoran

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Chris Spangle
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Dr. Travis Corcoran wrote a new book called Restoring Reason, and I love the concept. He talks about the Trivium, which is a system of thinking through concepts. The first three pillars of a liberal arts education are grammar, logic, and rhetoric. In other words, capturing knowledge, thinking it through, and then communicating those ideas. How can a systematic approach to information help us combat the discombobulating cascade of information we deal with on a daily basis? Listen as we outline it.

In his book Restoring Reason, philosopher Dr. Travis Corcoran demonstrates how the liberal arts provide us with a skillset to evaluate knowledge and draw our own conclusions for clarity, confidence, and freedom. Dr. Corcoran explains the trivium—knowledge, understanding, and wisdom—and the foundation it lays for making high-quality decisions for a high-quality life. Restoring Reason is an intellectual self-defense manual to make sense of the world we live in. Including an analysis of the five biggest social engineers today, including corporate interests and legacy media, this reproducible, systematic framework will help you see truth, deny falsehoods, and lead a fulfilled, independent life.

Get the first chapter at restoringreason.com.