Jun 21 • 22M

Who is To Blame for High Gas Prices?

with Roy Mathews

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Joe Biden takes a lot of flack for high gas prices. Blame him on social media for them, and inevitably someone in the comments says the President has nothing to do with gas prices. Is this true? What causes gas prices to rise to historic rates? And what effect do diesel prices have on inflation?

Roy Mathews is a public policy associate at the Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii) in Arlington, Va. He has previously been published in RealClearEnergy, National Review, and the National Interest. He is a Young Voices contributor.

Record-High Diesel Prices Spell Longer-Term Consumer Woes - https://www.nationalreview.com/2022/05/record-high-diesel-prices-spell-longer-term-consumer-woes/

10 in 2022: Ten Policies to Unleash American Energy and Fuel Recovery - https://www.api.org/news-policy-and-issues/10-in-2022