The Chris Spangle Show
The Chris Spangle Show
"What is a Bitcoin? Explain Crypto To Me Like I Am Five"

"What is a Bitcoin? Explain Crypto To Me Like I Am Five"

Plus Biden wants to spy on your bank account.

Chris Spangle, Chris Gault, Harry Price, Rhinehold, and Vince McRee discuss cryptocurrency. What is it? How does it work? What is blockchain? Tune in and find out.

Time Stamps

  • What is the blockchain and cryptocurrency? - 00:11:09

  • Biden Wants To Spy On Your Bank Account - 01:35:28

  • Vaccine Mandates By Colleges - 01:47:41

  • ICE Performing Hysterectomies on Immigrants - 02:25:35

Show Notes -

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The Chris Spangle Show
The Chris Spangle Show
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