The Chris Spangle Show
The Chris Spangle Show
This Week in Podcasts: Lockdowns, Skankfest, and The Birth of Parliament

This Week in Podcasts: Lockdowns, Skankfest, and The Birth of Parliament

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The Chris Spangle Show

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Featured Episode: Hawk Jensen on "Follow the Science: On Lockdowns and Liberty"

Hawk Jensen is a documentary filmmaker from Hollywood that has partnered with fellow artists to create a new documentary series called "Follow the Science: On Lockdowns and Liberty." The goal of the SoundMind Creative Group is to establish some cultural literacy and defined terms around the events of the COVID pandemic. What did our society get right these past 19 months and what did our government get wrong, and why is it frowned upon to talk about it? This is an excellent conversation that needs to be had, and memorializing the pandemic from a critical view will be a helpful tool for future generations. They're fundraising now at, so listen in and please consider helping donate towards the project.

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Examining Election Day in Virginia, New Jersey, and Minneapolis with Hannah Cox

Election Day sent many messages with surprising losses for Democrats in Virginia, Buffalo, Minneapolis, and Seattle. Hannah Cox of the BASED podcast joins me to break down what these results mean for Republicans and Democrats moving forward. Visit her website at

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Navigating Health Insurance After the Affordable Care Act

Like many Americans, my health insurance costs rose again this year. I have a great plan through my full-time job, but I still wanted to investigate my options. In the process, I had a conversation with Matt Allen, host of How In the Health Insurance? and owner of Iconic Insurance. In our conversation, he shared my various options to cut costs, but also how the Affordable Care Act permanently changed health insurance.

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Who Watches the Watchmen? – Low Key WAL

Harry Price, Rhinehold, and Vincent Cooper discuss the concept of parasocial relationships.

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Facebook. Meta. Who Cares? We Still Hate You.

Harry Price, Rhinehold, and I talk about the latest developments in the debate around social media.

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Coming up next week: Coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial and asking “Why don’t we trust the media?”

Podcasting and Platforms

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What Equipment Do You Need To Start a Podcast?

I've spent thousands of dollars in mistakes for my podcasts. I lay out what equipment will lead to the best quality for the lowest price so you won't end up wasting precious time and money.

Find the links to the recommended equipment in The Toolbox. -

Be sure to grab your guide to launching a podcast here:

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The History of Modern Politics

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11: The Birth of Parliament

The check and balance on the King's total authority known as Parliament did not happen in one swift action. It was a series of steps over generations. In this episode, we discuss some of those defining moments, as well as the important clauses of the Magna Carta, Simon De Monfort and the Second Barons War.

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The Patdown Podcast

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Episode 134: Live from Skankfest Southwest

We are live this week at Skanfest Southwest! Chris Spangle is snitching and taking steamy showers. Ashley and Quisha almost get into a fist fight. The audience is drunk. This episode is wild.

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The Chris Spangle Show
The Chris Spangle Show
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