Jul 14 • 43M

The History Behind One-Fits-All Public Education and How to Take Charge of Your Kids Education with Hannah Frankman

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Chris Spangle
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Hannah Frankman of rebelEducator (soon to be School By Design) joins to discuss the history of education in America. How did we end up with one design for education in a country where fifty bags of chips or ten soda can be chosen at a grocery store? Hannah breaks down what let to the centralization of education, how one can make a different choice and explains what options already exist for parents looking to break free of public education.

Hannah also has a new podcast on the subject of education, freedom, and many other topics. Download The Hannah Frankman podcast in any podcast app or at http://hannahfrankman.com/.

Transcript - https://share.descript.com/view/h3GpE2wGkrU

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