Apr 27 • 1HR 16M

The Book That Changed My Life: Scary Close by Donald Miller

An interview with the Fake Ass Book Club!

Chris Spangle
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The Fake Ass Book Club podcast invited me on to talk about a book that changed my life: Scary Close by Donald Miller. Thanks to Moni and Kat for having me on.

Their podcast: https://thefabpodcast.fireside.fm/49

“Welcome back to the Fake Ass Book Club!! This week the ladies have special guest Chris Spangle @chrisspangle from the Pat Down podcast dropping by to discuss Scary Close by Donald Miller. They break the ice with a game of would you rather and talk about how they met. The book allows them to dive into topics such as self-worth, finding love, and being your authentic self. This is an episode you won’t want to miss! Cheers.”

About their show:

Our tagline says it all…The Club is fake but the talk is REAL. Our show is about 2 friends making time to connect using books, stories, pop culture, and other forms of media as a springboard for interesting conversations. Using humor and wit, these conversations allow us to examine the human experience through our lens as Black women living in so-called “fly over” states. It’s also about amplifying diverse black voices in the media, especially women. The F.A.B. podcast was created as an act of self-care, and self-discovery. Our hope is that this podcast allows us to entertain, engage and enlighten listeners with our POV. Who doesn’t want to see more smart and funny black women adding value to conversations? Haters, that’s who!!