Feb 5, 2021 • 56M

New Podcast: Spike Cohen on the Successes and Failures of the Jorgensen/Cohen Campaign

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Chris Spangle
Politics is too personal for black and white thinking. Listen as regular people talk about big issues to help you understand the news to encourage you to serve the people in your life to affect change instead of seeking political solutions. Serve Your Circle. We cover news, culture, nonprofits and charity, history, libertarianism and nonviolence, faith, public policy, communication and podcasting, and more. Chris Spangle is the host of the Chris Spangle Show, History of Modern Politics, and Liberty Explained, podcasts on the We Are Libertarians network. He is also the co-host of the Patdown podcast, a comedy podcast with comedians Ms. Pat and Deon Curry. Chris Spangle has been podcasting since 2007, and now teaches podcasting at PodcastingAndPlatforms.com. He also hosts the public affairs radio show “We Thought You Might Like To Know...” on Indiana radio stations which focuses on nonprofits.
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Spike Cohen was the Vice Presidential candidate for the 2020 Libertarian Party ticket, and he shares his view of some of the successes and failures of the campaign. Subscribe to Spike's podcasts The Muddied Waters of Freedom, (((My Fellow Americans))), and The Culture of Winning at http://muddiedwatersoffreedom.com/Click here to listen.

Robert Chatfield of the Free To Choose Network On Their Thomas Sowell Documentary

Robert Chatfield of the Free To Choose Network joins us to share info on their new documentary "Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World." Learn more at https://www.freetochoosenetwork.org/ and www.sowellfilm.com. Click to listen.

It explores the life and work of one of our era’s greatest authors on race, history and economics. The one-hour documentary, hosted by The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley, will be streaming on Amazon Prime, Vimeo and YouTube on January 25 and airs on most public television stations nationwide in February 2021. Riley’s new biography on Sowell, Maverick: A Biography of Thomas Sowell, will be published May 25.

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NHT: David Starkey of the Indianapolis Opera

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