The Chris Spangle Show
The Chris Spangle Show
New Podcast: Michael Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center Discusses a Peaceful Path to a Freer Society Through Nullification

New Podcast: Michael Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center Discusses a Peaceful Path to a Freer Society Through Nullification

Michael Boldin started the Tenth Amendment Center in 2006. He joins Chris Spangle to discuss the original structure of the constitutional order at the founding of America and how it has changed since then. Using the examples of marijuana legalization and sanctuary cities, he articulates a peaceful path to a freer society through nullification.

CSS: George Washington, Entrepreneur author John Berlau

John Berlau is the author of a new book titled "George Washington, Entrepreneur: How Our Founding Father’s Private Business Pursuits Changed America and the World." He joins Chris Spangle to discuss his entrepreneurial spirit in areas of agriculture and spirits as well as his legacy as a slave owner. He is an award-winning journalist, recipient of the National Press Club’s Sandy Hume Memorial Award for Excellence in Political Journalism, and Senior Fellow for Finance and Access to Capital at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Click to Listen.

CSS: Protecting Your Online Business with Dan Smotz of The System Is Down Podcast

Dan Smotz of The System is Down podcast had both his accounts and pages removed from Facebook along with his wife’s account. This presents a challenge for an online business. He joins Chris Spangle to discuss censorship, a path forward for independent creators, and the importance of open discussion online. Click to Listen.

CSS: Satya Marar on The Pandemic’s Effect on Schools and School Choice

Satya Marar joins us to discuss expanding school choice as a result of the pandemic. Satya Marar is a Washington DC-based policy analyst and freelance writer whose writing on education policy has appeared in The Hill, Washington Examiner, The Tennessean, South Florida Sun Sentinel and American Spectator. He is a senior contributor and education policy fellow at Young Voices, and holds a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws with honors from Macquarie University. Click to listen.

It’s Time To Put Power Back In The Hands Of Parents –

Patdown Episode 96: The Development of the Ms. Pat Show, Part 2

Ms. Pat's friend Jon Radler first heard her on Marc Maron, and knew she needed a TV show. He joins us to share the process of turning her stories into a TV show.

NHT: Staff Sgt. Destinee Harris on Serving in the U.S. Army

Staff Sgt. Destinee Harris joins us to discuss the benefits of her service in the U.S. Army and why others should consider joining. Harris is a recruiter for the U.S. Army Indianapolis Recruiting Battalion's Metro North Company. Learn more at This is part of iHeart Indianapolis's Brilliantly Black series promoting black businesses and community leaders in the Circle City. Click to Listen.

The Chris Spangle Show
The Chris Spangle Show
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