Apr 28 • 19M

Disabled Veterans Turned Into Felons: The Mass Criminalization of Gun Owners in America

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Chris Spangle
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A new ATF rule reclassifies firearms equipped with pistol braces as short-barreled rifles, implying that brace owners are looking at felony criminal charges if they are not registered with the ATF. It also imposes increased taxation on firearms and accessories equipped with these braces. Parker McCumber, an OEF veteran, joins me to explain how this hits disabled veterans the hardest. 

The pistol brace is a device that allows a firearm to be strapped onto a user's arm and was initially created for disabled veterans to fire recreationally and in competition with only one arm. The ATF and the Department of Justice claimed that pistol braces are being found and commonly used in more shootings and gang activities. However, Parker explained that pistol braces do not make firearms more lethal and that this new rule is suppressing the ability of disabled American veterans to exercise their Second Amendment rights. 

The ATF has projected 40 million pistol brace accessories on legally purchased firearms, which could mean tens of millions of gun owners becoming felons over this new rule. However, there is some optimism that the rule may be overturned, as the Fifth Circuit Appeals Court recently ruled that the bump stock ban was an unconstitutional usurpation of authority from Congress by the ATF.

Parker McCumber is an OEF Veteran, and entrepreneur who currently serves as a Field Artillery Officer in the Utah National Guard. He has over 11 years of experience in combat arms roles within the Army and Army National Guard. He is a Young Voices Contributor. 

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