Initial Thoughts

Today is the final free day. I will continue to update this several times a week with new analyses and guides on how politics works. I hope you’ll sign up and we can learn together. WAL Patrons get in for life!

I am not publishing anything big today. I want to see what shakes out where to give you the best information possible on what happened. Hot takes are not what is needed at this moment, nor is rushing to judgment. Everyone chill.

My advice: Avoid declarative statements, gloating, depression, and anything based on results at that moment for your own sanity. This is going to take days or weeks to sort out. The next 48 hours will produce a lot of back and forths on the lead of this race. Concepts like "the red mirage" and "we won't know on Election Day" are still valid even if the national polling was off.


Here are a couple of things I am thinking about: