Books: Healing Our World: The Compassion of Libertarianism: How to Enrich the Poor, Protect the Environment, Deter Crime, and Defuse Terrorism by Mary Ruwart

Today’s book recommendation is by @MaryRuwart . This was an important book in my development. Before I read it, I viewed libertarianism as primarily about economics. Ruwart’s book helped me see how important empathy is in a libertarian worldview. It also connects the importance of personal development in building a free society. I’m an ENFJ and an emotional-first thinker. I never connected well with the cold numbers-based libertarian 101 texts, so this book would be great for new libertarians or curious Democrats.

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Through its win-win approach, "Healing Our World" illustrates how the rules of social interaction most of us learned as children hold the secret to universal harmony and abundance. Step-by-step, Dr. Ruwart shows us how the Good Neighbor Policy or the "non-aggression principle" enriches the poor, protects the environment, deters crime, and defuses terrorism. Rather than a book on theory, "Healing" cites over 1,000 published studies illustrating how the principles of liberty have worked in the toughest testing ground of all---the real world---to make us all better off. Visit for Dr. Ruwart's Free Library and sign up for her periodic notifications.