Books: Arguing with Socialists by Glenn Beck

Today’s book recommendation is @glennbeck’s new book. He releases books in sets and these “square” books are all full-color pages with tons of infographics, humor, and well-sourced arguments. Most of his books are great prep for making better arguments for small government.

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In Arguing With Socialists, New York Times bestselling author Glenn Beck arms readers to the teeth with information necessary to debunk the socialist arguments that have once again become popular, and proves that the free market is the only way to go

With his trademark humor, Beck lampoons the resurgence of this bankrupt leftist philosophy with thousands of stories, facts, arguments and easy-to-understand graphics for anyone who is willing to ask the hard questions. He shows that this new shiny socialism is just the same as the old one: a costly and dangerous failure that leaves desperation, poverty, and bodies in its wake.