Books: Liberty A to Z by Harry Browne

Harry Browne was a gifted communicator with a broad range of knowledge. He compiled a book of talking points on many issues in Liberty A to Z. This is a quick and easy resource when someone is stumped on an answer about an issue.

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Harry Browne’s new book will prove very useful to those interested in advancing the freedom philosophy.

Drawing on his expertise in economics, history, and political philosophy, as well as his practical experience as a two-time Libertarian Party presidential candidate, Harry provides libertarians with direct, thought-provoking, and often humorous responses to the questions advocates of the freedom philosophy face.

Harry does not skirt the tough questions (e.g. won’t the poor suffer in a libertarian society; won’t a libertarian society be awash in drugs and pornography; don’t we need a military garrison state to protect us from freedom-hating despots; isn’t gun control necessary to keep guns out of the hands of criminals). His work will help libertarians deal with even the toughest skeptic.

Harry’s book fills a gap in libertarian literature. Most libertarians have bookshelves overflowing with economic, historical, and philosophical tomes making the case for liberty. Yet, the knowledge contained in those books is useless unless libertarians know how to effectively communicate their views.

People are unlikely to investigate our ideas in any detail, much less commit themselves to working to attain a free society, until and unless they receive intelligent, plainspoken responses to their questions. My own experience as a candidate and elected official has taught me the importance of being able to communicate our ideas in a brief, easily understood manner.

As a quick perusal of this book demonstrates, this “soundbite” presentation does not require one to “dumb down” libertarianism – Harry packs a great intellectual punch into his small packages!

Harry Browne’s “soundbites” are a great way to answer critics and motivate the unconverted to learn more about the freedom philosophy and, hopefully, get involved in the libertarian movement.

Therefore, I am pleased to recommend Harry Browne’s book to libertarians looking for help convincing skeptics of the benefits of a free society. All those who wish to live in a free society have reason to be grateful to Harry Browne.

- U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), Washington, DC