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Replacing My Social Media With Ideological Origins

As I discussed on We Are Libertarians this past week, I’ve been toying with the idea of ending active participation in social media for years now. Still, I love writing and talking to people those thoughts. In short, this is a better space to do what I enjoy doing than on social media. If you appreciate the things I share, follow me here.

As WAL grows, thinking in public becomes more precarious. I’d rather do it with a limited group of interested people that want to participate in a discussion. This service, Substack, would allow me to write what I share on social media and share articles and create easy community threads.

I am working through my ideology, and that requires pushback from multiple corners. I encourage you to comment and share thoughts about the items or ideas. Hopefully, we can continue to build a better community of free-thinkers through this project. This is a healthier way to organize political discussions.

Most posts will be paywalled, but I will give it away free for a while so people can see what it is before joining. The paywall is not JUST a naked grab for cash. It is a security system. Keeping the content private allows others to share their thoughts comfortably. WAL Patrons, past or present, get free lifetime access. 

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