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News, analysis, and historical context to help you understand what is happening in the news.

Written by Chris Spangle, host of the Chris Spangle Show and Liberty Explained, podcasts on the We Are Libertarians network. He is also the host of the Now Hear This radio show in Indianapolis, a show dedicated to nonprofits. He is also the co-host of the Patdown Podcast, a comedy podcast with comedians Ms. Pat and Deon Curry.

Here he shares the output of his learning and research for his shows. All We Are Libertarians Plus Members get lifetime free access to this private newsletter.

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My Long Ass Site Explanation

As I discussed on We Are Libertarians, I’ve been toying with the idea of ending active participation in social media for years now. Still, I love writing and talking to people those thoughts. In short, this is a better space to do what I enjoy doing than on social media. If you appreciate the things I share, follow me here.

As WAL grows, thinking in public becomes more precarious. I’d rather do it with a limited group of interested people that want to participate in a discussion. This service, Substack, would allow me to write what I share on social media and share articles and create easy community threads.

I am working through my ideology, and that requires pushback from multiple corners. I encourage you to comment and share thoughts about the items or ideas. Hopefully, we can continue to build a better community of free-thinkers through this project. This is a healthier way to organize political discussions.

Most posts will be paywalled, but I will give it away free for a while so people can see what it is before joining. The paywall is not JUST a naked grab for cash. It is a security system. Keeping the content private allows others to share their thoughts comfortably. WAL Patrons, past or present, get free lifetime access.

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My Long Ass Bio

Chris Spangle was raised in Plainfield, Indiana. He attended IUPUI where he was the College Republicans President during the 2004 elections. While working on Andy Horning’s Congressional campaign in 2004, Horning inspired Spangle to research the libertarian philosophy. Spangle went on to work at Newstalk 1430 AM, WXNT for five years as a producer and reporter. During his last year where he was the producer of “Abdul in the Morning,” the premier political talk show in Indianapolis. It was during this time that he witnessed first-hand how broken the two-party system is, although he had been a life-long Republican, he decided to work to grow the Libertarian Party of Indiana and to affect social and political change in a libertarian direction.

Spangle served as the full-time Executive Director of the LPIN in October of 2008 and left in December of 2012. He went on to work in marketing for the Englehart Group, a political consulting and marketing firm in Indianapolis. He also served as the Marketing Director of the Advocates for Self-Government, the premier libertarian organization giving libertarians the tools to share the message with the general public effectively. He now works as the digital director of a nationally syndicated morning show.

Spangle resides in Indianapolis, IN with his two cats, Mittens and Muffins.